October 2, 1869

Birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

1883, The Marriage

Gandhi and Kasturbai got married.


Gandhi studied in England and became Lawyer

Boer War - 1899-1901

Outbreak of Boer War in South Africa. Gandhi organizes an ambulance corps for the British.

Return to India

Gandhi Return to India to join India National Congress. G.K. Gokhale introduces him to nationalist leaders.


Gandhi struggles toward Brahmacharya, or celibacy, finally ending his sexual activity in 1906.

First Arrest

Gandhi is arrested and sentenced to two months in prison.

January 11, 1908
Arrested Again

Gandhi is arrested again, spends a month in jail.

October 10, 1908

1914 - Gandhi Sails to England and arrive in Aug

National Leader

by 1918-1919, Gandhi was national leader after his visits to England and Becoming face of India National Congress

April 13, 1919

Amritsar Massacre; Under General Dyer, British troops slaughter Indian protesters - The Jaliawala Bagh


Gandhi calls for a period of non-cooperation across India.

August 1, 1920

Gandhi avoids politics, focusing his writings on the improvement of India.


Despite his long absence from politics, Gandhi becomes President of the Indian National Congress.

Year 1925

Gandhi is arrested for violating the Salt Laws; non-cooperation movements break out across India.

May 5, 1931

Gandhi is arrested for sedition, and held without a trial.

January 4, 1932

September 20-25, 1932

Gandhi fasts in prison to protest the treatment of untouchables.


Gandhi avoids politics, travels in rural India

Government of India Act passes British Parliament and is implemented in India; it is the first movement toward independence.

Year 1935

August 8, 1942

The Indian National Congress rejects the Cripps proposal, and declares it will grant its support for the British war effort only in return for independence.

Congress Leaders Arrest

Congress leaders are arrested; Gandhi is imprisoned in the Aga Khan's palace.

August 1942
Jinah Gandhi Meet

Gandhi visits Muhammed Ali Jinnah in Bombay, but is unable to work out an agreement that will keep India whole.

May 16, 1946

British Cabinet Mission publishes proposal for an Indian state, without partition; Jinnah and the Muslim League reject the proposal.

August 15, 1947, The Independence

Indian independence becomes official, as does the partition into two countries, India and Pakistan.


1948: India dissolves into chaos and killings, as Hindus and Muslims flee for the borders of India and Pakistan.


Gandhi is assassinated by Nathuram Vinayuk

January 30, 1948